Coronavirus Response


 Amendment 2 dated 12th May 2020


This document has been updated using the Working safely during COVID-19 in offices and contact centres Government guidance dated 11th May 2020.

The purpose of this document is to implement control measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Buxted Construction (BC) workplaces.

Thinking about risk

This guidance must be read in conjunction with the Risk Assessment for COVID-19 which is at Appendix 1 to this document.

How to raise a concern

BC Representative is the Health and Safety Manager            Tel: 07714 750280      Email:

COVID-19 Managers

COVID-19 Managers are appointed as follows:

Sarah Playall               Brasted Office

Barry Flynn                 BC Yard

Before work commences in the workplace, they are to carry out an inspection of the work areas using the check sheet which is at Appendix 2.  This will enable them to identify any hazards that require control measures implementing.

They are responsible for managing and implementing the measures in this document and the COVID-19 Risk Assessment.

The COVID-19 manager has the authority to ensure colleagues comply with the measures listed and stop work where necessary.

The COVID-19 Manager will print the Staying COVID-19 Secure in 2020 advice notice, complete it and display it in the workplace.

Speak to the health and safety manager for advice if required.

Arrangements covered

COVID-19 Symptoms and ill-health at work.

Social Distancing.

Travel to work and Parking.

Workplace Access and Egress Points.

Moving around, workplaces and workstations.



Kitchens/rest areas.

Toilet Facilities.

Smoking and Vaping.

Accidents, security and other incidents

Who should go to work?

In line with the guidance provided and ensuring equality in the workplace is maintained an assessment has been made and where practical staff are working from home.

People who need to self-isolate have been identified and have been told not to come to work.

Arrangements have been made to keep in touch with off-site workers to monitor their wellbeing and discuss the following:

Their working arrangements including their welfare, mental and physical health and personal security.

Provision of equipment to work at home safely.

COVID-19 Symptoms and ill-health at work.

If a colleague or a member of their family either have symptoms or have recently tested positively for Coronavirus they must NOT attend work. They must seek advice from the NHS either online at or by phoning the helpline on 111.

Anyone who has been advised that they should be 'shielding' should discuss this with their line manager before returning to work.

If anyone develops a high temperature or a persistent cough while at work, they will:

Ensure their manager is informed.

 eturn home immediately.

Avoid touching anything.

Cough or sneeze into a tissue and put it in a bin, or if they do not have tissues, cough and sneeze into the crook of their elbow.

They must then follow the Government guidance on self-isolation and not return to work until their period of self-isolation has been completed.

Any instances of suspected ill health connected with COVID-19 will be reported to the health and safety manager.  Note that if COVID-19 is contracted at work this is RIDDOR reportable.

Social Distancing

BC will comply with government guidance which is that social distancing should be adhered to in all workplaces. Practically this means people should always keep 2 metres (6ft) apart.  This includes interaction with other colleagues and members of the public such as delivery drivers.

Travel to Work and Parking

Staggered start and finish times will be implemented to reduce congestion and contact at all times.

Run or cycle to work if practical.

Wherever possible travel alone to work using their own transport and do not carry passengers that do not live in the same household.

As far as reasonably practical arrange parking areas so that vehicles that are in use park 2m apart.

Social distancing measures must be observed in the car park and personnel are asked to only leave their vehicle if this can be achieved.

Workplace Access and Egress Points

Access and egress points will be managed to comply with social distancing.

Stop all non-essential visitors i.e. Clients/Reps must arrange appointments via the COVID-19 manager.

The contracts managers and safety team will only visit the Brasted office or yard after arranging their visit with the COVID-19 manager.

All essential visitors will pre-arrange their attendance.

Ensure social distancing is maintained by keeping 2 metres apart when waiting to use the welfare facilities.

Signage will be displayed to support and maintain social distancing requirements.  The signage required will be identified when the inspection of the work area is undertaken.

Signing in and out will be carried out by the COVID-19 manager.  They will brief colleagues and visitors on the COVID-19 measures that have been implemented.

A visitor register will be maintained by the COVID-19 manager.

Everyone entering will sanitise their hands with the sanitiser provided at the entry/exit points.

Moving around, workplaces and workstations

Work areas have been evaluated and adjusted to reduce movement and allow a 2m distance where practical.

One-way systems have been put in place where practical.

Workstations have been assigned to individuals and where practical are 2m apart.

Floor tape has been placed to aid social distancing by providing a visual aid.


Whenever possible virtual meetings will be held by phone or video calls.

Only essential face-to-face meetings will be held.  Where face to face meetings are unavoidable only essential attendees will be invited.

Social distancing will be maintained at all meetings.  When meetings are held indoors attendees will maintain a 2 m separation and windows and doors will be left open to provide ventilation.


Entry doors to the Brasted office and Yard office will be kept closed and locked when no one is in the office.

A sign will be placed on the office door with a contact number displayed on it.  This will allow visitors to ask questions and for access to be authorised.

Hand sanitiser will be provided in all offices.  COVID-19 managers will ensure it is used on entry to the offices.

Markers will be put on the floor to indicate 2 metres distancing where required.

The COVID-19 manager will ensure that the work surfaces and all contact points are cleaned down thoroughly with a suitable cleaning product twice a day. 

Kitchens/Rest Areas

Break times will be staggered.

Only one colleague is to use the kitchens at any time.  A sign stating in/out of use will be displayed.

Everyone must bring their own food/drink and will use local shops only where strictly necessary.

Crockery and cutlery will be used by individuals and placed in the dishwasher when used.  Hands will then be washed with soap and water.

Rubbish will be placed straight in the bin and not left for someone else to clear up.

Surfaces will be cleaned by the colleague using the facilities before leaving the area.

Hand sanitiser/soap/disposable hand towels will be provided, and it is the responsibility of colleagues to ensure they clean/wash their hands on entering and exiting the kitchen.

Seating areas will be reconfigured to maintain spacing and reduce face-to-face interaction.

Toilet Facilities

Only one colleague is to use the toilet facilities at any time.  A sign stating in/out of use will be displayed.

Sufficient stocks of toilet paper/soap/hand sanitizer/disposable hand towels will be maintained.

It is the responsibility of every individual to wash/clean their hands on entering and exiting the toilet.

Shower facilities are not to be used until this guidance is reviewed.

Smoking and Vaping Areas

Social distancing measures will be maintained in smoking and vaping areas.

Accidents, security and other incidents

In an emergency, for example an accident or fire colleagues do not have to stay 2m apart if it would be unsafe.

People involved in the provision of assistance to others should pay particular attention to sanitation measures immediately afterwards including washing hands.


Appendix 1 COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Appendix 2 COVID-19 Site Visit Checklist